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Fishing in these parts proves to be quite the challenge, we therefore invite any fellow adventure seekers to come and hunt the deep sea with us in Pomene, Mozambique.

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Somewhere around 1960, a ship called the Berea was shipwrecked on the South Beach of Pomene. Parts of the ship were still on the beach when The Shipwreck Lodge was being built a few years ago.

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Sand & Sea is very involved with the social-economic development of the local communities. We are currently in the process of laying a 2.4 km pipeline to the community that will provide fresh water for drinking and cooking purposes.

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This remote location on the east coast of Africa is the perfect place for keen fishermen, eco-tourists and divers to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Also known as the Jewel of Mozambique, these parts of Mozambique are hidden away and undoubtedly hold some of the most diverse and unspoilt waters along the east coast of Africa. Through sustainable utilisation, community development and conservation we are able to hold on to the natural heritage and invite people from around the world to experience the ultimate adventure. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy everything from the coastal dune forests, the estuary, the mangroves, to the rocky shores and silver beaches.

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The wide range of activities in the area will keep you busy and leave you satisfied after every day. There is something for everybody whether it’s bird watching, photography, water sports (you are welcome to bring your jet ski, kites or whatever you like), spearfishing, snorkelling and scuba.

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The point of the bay is ideal for fishing off of the rocks, the old ruins of the once vibrant and popular “Old Hotel” is also on this point. The hotel was abandoned in 1974 during the civil war in Mozambique, only 6 years after it was built and it has never been rebuilt or used since. Legend has it that on the very point of the rocks, there was once a fighting chair bolted into the rocks where fishermen could fight large fish from, including marlin.

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