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Mozambique Fishing

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Fishing in these parts proves to be quite the challenge, we therefore invite any fellow adventure seekers to come and hunt the deep sea with us in Pomene, Mozambique. World class big game fishing is renowned in Pomene, common catches include: Wahoo, Kingfish, Tuna, Blue and Black Marlin, Sail fish, Couta, Green Job fish, Rainbow runner, Bonito, Dorado and many more.

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In this particular area, the launch method most commonly used is called a “DROP”; it is very practical and also very exciting. After everybody gets onto the boat (while the boat is still on the trailer and the Land Cruiser is hooked on facing the boat), the Land Cruiser drives the boat and trailer into the water whereby the boat will slip off of the trailer and drop into to water. After dropping we do a quick turnaround either by hand or by using the motors, we will then find a gully and move towards the open sea.

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When fishing we must keep one thing in mind: “A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work “ Enjoy the ocean, have a good sense of humour, and just have a great time even if the fish are less active that day.

Upon our exit from the sea, we use another exciting method called a “BEACH”; here we find a suitable wave to ride on the back of, after reaching the shallower waters through the gully. It’s very important for the captain not to overshoot the wave and he must also take care that the following wave does not catch up and dump into the boat. The boat is equipped with a beaching kit that makes the engines lift up as soon as they hit the sand, so the captain gains enough speed and drives the boat right onto the beach.

The Captain will give a few commands to ensure a safe beach, the most important of them being that the crew hold on tight and also to make sure that the deck is cleared of all objects that might fall around or get stepped on, particularly sharp objects.

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