Mozambique Pomene Lodge

Mozambique Pomene Self-Catering Lodge

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  Documents needed at the border:

  1. Passport (valid for 60 days, with 2 empty pages).

  2. Car registration (Natis) and ownership documents. If your car is financed, you need a letter from the bank giving you permission to travel to Mozambique.

  3. Letter from your car insurunce confirming cross- border insurance.

  4. Completed and signed Temprary Import Permit (TIP) which is available at the border.

  5. South African drivers license.

  6. 3rd Party Insurance (available at DRIVEMOZ on Facebook. Request to join the group. There is a lot of help, advice and support available. Defnitely recommended).

  7. Unabridged birth certificate for children under 18 years.

Needed for the road:

  1. 2 Red traingles

  2. 2 Yellow reflective vests; put it on your dashboard so it is visible.

  3. White ZA sticker.

  4. Fire extinguisher and water container.

  5. Pressure gauge and compressor (helpful to blow tyres up and down).

  6. Keep your license and TIP close by.

Important Telephone numbers:

Public Prosecutors Office: + 258 82 765 4920 (available 24/7)

Mozambique Lawyers/Bar Asscaition: +258 82 303 8218. (Request the contact of a lawyer nearest to your location)


Portuguese is the official language in Mozambique, however, there are many national languages spoken throughout the country. Many of the people at Pomene can speak and understand English to a certain extent.


Metical (Mt.) is the national currency, however, US Dollars, Euro, South African Rand and Pounds are all widely accepted. The rate changes, so it’s best to check the exchange rate before your visit to Mozambique. There are ATM machines in all the larger towns (the closest one to Pomene is 64km) so it’s best to draw cash before leaving the larger towns (There are safes at the lodge).


We have signal boosters at The Shipwreck Lodge which gives Vodacom signal (Roaming) or you can purchase a starter pack in Mozambique (preferable considering costs of roaming). Even though the internet is very slow, you are still able to make phone calls and keep in touch with friends and family back home.


There is a first aid kit at The Shipwreck Lodge but if you take any regular medication or have a chronic illness then we strongly advise that you bring enough to last your trip. There are pharmacists in the larger towns if any other medication is needed.

Mozambique is a known malaria area, speak to your doctor about taking the medication. If you develop symptoms suggestive of malaria after you have returned home such as fever, chills, headaches and muscle aches (symptoms often described as similar to having flue) then you should get tested immediately and inform your doctor of having visited a malaria area.

Information for Pomene:

  1. See the price list for Pomene nature reserve fees (you have to pay these fees once you enter the Pomene nature reserve boom gate) – cash payment upon entry (valid for 30 days).
  1. Frans “Sathane” is the local chief. Please say hello to him and visit his shop at Pomene City. You can also report any bad experiences to him.
  1. Anisio is the local baker “WE BAKER BETTER BREAD” is his bakery. Located on the right before entering the Old Hotel’s walls. (15-25M per pao)
  1. Boris Becker runs a courier service from Massinga and also supplies fresh prawns. Ask Elvis to arrange.
  1. Manito is the “go to” guy in Massinga; he can help you with spares or anything you need, especially when changing money.
  1. The locals bring around crayfish, crabs, prawns and fresh fish, depending on weather and their catch.

           Crayfish- 500-700M per kg (depending on size)

           Crabs- 200M per kg 9depending on size).

  1. During your stay the local ladies will bring around fresh fruit and vegetables ona a daily basis, depending on the season.
  1. Water is not drinkable on Pomene. Please boil all water before drinking. Evis will arrange for fresh water from Pomene View.
  1. Swimming is best on the left side of the Old Hotel, but is lovely to walk on the beach and explore the caves, tidal poos and rocks in front of the lodge

      10. There is a Shoprrite in Massinga. Almost all South African products are available. We recommend you do your shopping before departing for Pomene.